Friday, April 13, 2012

Heaven is for Real...

If you are reading my blog, then you are well aware of the issues I have been having with God and religion.  I just read the book Heaven is for Real.  This book was given to me by Pastor Claus (yes this is his real name) on the day of Noel's funeral.  I have waited this long to read it because I have been questioning my faith so much. I'm not going to go into detail and retell the story here because I want each and every person that reads my blog to pick this book up and read it.  It took me only about 3 hours to read the book myself while I was baking cookies tonight.
I will however address one part of the book that smacked me in the face and told me to wake up.  The family had suffered a miscarriage, the little boy in this book approaches his mother and confronts her by telling her he has two sisters, and that one died in her tummy.  The baby that died didn't have a name and had been adopted by God the Father until her parent's got to Heaven to name her.  The fact that this baby girl who died was only 2 months along when she passed gives me a glimmer of true hope.  I KNOW that my baby Noel is with God and I KNOW that Jesus is teaching her as he teaches ALL CHILDREN.  Jesus LOVES CHILDREN.  I also know that she has a TON of relatives up there with her keeping her safe until John and I can get there.
I am truly sorry for the blasphemy I have put in this blog, for the accusations and the wrongs I have put onto God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.  While I will NEVER understand why Noel was taken, I need to accept that this is part of God's plan for me.  For us.  I just pray that he will in time forgive me.

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